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Massage from Maris the Arcturian


OMAR TA SATT you dear human child. This is where MARIS speaks to you with a request.



The planet is transforming in an intensive way and needs your support !!!



Draw this mandala and bury it in nature. You can also imagine how you make a ball of light and your mandala, your drawing fills this ball. And then you give this orb to the earth and you add those crystals if you did not draw them in the mandala.



And if you want to paint several mandalas of it - with your friends or your family together, then that would be wonderful. In a group, a force can be created that is much, much more intense, and that greatly enhances the process's energy. Use additionally the crystal TEEAS, so that your hearts vibrate in unison and when you have all painted your mandala, then bring it into nature as described above and buried it in the earth. 



It would be nice if you could form a circle - hold your hands and ask in the name of TEEAS (One for All and All for One and All for the good of our beautiful planet SOL'A'VANA) You use this word (SOL'A'VANA) because it carries the energy of the "New Age" and has been the name of Mother Earth for quite some time.



And then you imagine the crystal DON'ADAS and ask the angels of mercy for support and then you ask the nature beings, the blue-white volk (people) for support, for their work. And finally you thank you with the crystal AN'ANASHA, which you draw in the thought or with a stick on the ground, or also with small stones put on the floor, around the buried mandalas. 



This is a really helpful act of creation and manifestation. You are doing great things with this and it can not be explained in human words. I only ask you to trust me. Trust in your power, every one of you carries it in you. And in a group it strengthens itself many times over.



I can not say more about that now. Except that I honor and respect you and be full of AN'ANASHA for your so helpful support for the sake of SOL'A'VANA and the manifestation of the New World. Maris says goodbye to the sound that do so much and express more than human words could. AN'ANASHA


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Introduction  and explanation


My dear fellow humans on this beautiful planet. I am Shana, and received an order from Maris the Arcturian. And I should forward him as soon as possible. I need your help and support and your trust.




No matter what skin color, no matter what religion, no matter where you come from and what you do. It is time for us to act as a unit. A unity with the basic idea "one for all and all for one - and all for the good of our planet" because we are a part of it (mother earth) and she is a part of us. We are connected to her in an intensive way. We feel how the planet is doing, only we have forgotten to pay attention.




Our planet must free itself from all the energies that it has absorbed from us humans for so long and has borne for us. That's hard to imagine, but it's true. Our planet has as much consciousness as you and me and she loves us humans so much. She is so caring, so loving, and brings enough food to satisfy the hunger of all people. Unfortunately, something went wrong over time. But to explain this, is not my job, you all know that anyway.




In any case, Mother Earth feel the emotion, when we have pain and suffering and because of her love for us, she takes a lot of pain from us.




This is similar to the children, they love their parents so much, even if it often does not seem so. But believe me, children love their parents and do so much, even though they do not want to do it. Or the parents would like to keep every sorrow, every pain away from the children, this caring love is so great and loving. But many have already recognized, and certainly you also, that love whants to be free.




True love is not bound to any conditions and true love wants to flow freely. And this includes a healthy self-love, even saying "no", if you want to say "no". 



So our planet is in the biggest transformation ever. This requires that she free herself of all energies that are not good for her. We humans do this in the form of emotions that want to be felt. If we suppress it and do not let it flow freely, it creates pressure and then passes it on through the body to become a disease. Here, the human is then asked to look and to take time for it.




Mother Earth frees herself, with the elements, of pent-up energies - and transforms the energy by the air, fire, water, earth.




You've probably smelled the air often when the storm was over again. She feels clear and fresh.




Or if there's been a storm - the next day the air and the landscape are fresh and swept.




Different energies need different elements for transformation.


And this is happening in an intense way. Mother Earth is as careful as possible, and you are sorry, when she has to hurt people. But she can not help it.   She is also a bit taller than us and that's just like walking in a meadow with our feet. It can also happen that we step on something we did not want.   So our planet cleans itself by the elements and we can help her, the transfomations to get softer.




Each of us plays a major supporting role. Because we are part of it, of planetary consciousness. That our thoughts, feelings, emotions affect the planet consciousness. That means in plain language: Mother Earth feels how we are doing. Much like when you feel that another person is angry. Or you feel the opposite - if you feel joy. What do you think, what energy is helpful for Mother Earth - anger or joy ???  





Realize what a great task that is, if we help the planet and at the same time humans and of course the animals and plants and trees, etc ... so that as many as possible of these "natural phenomena"are spared.






So what can each one of us do for it?


To create an energy of joy - to enjoy everything one encounters - even in seemingly unpleasant situations. There are always several angles from which one can look at each situation. And the more helpful view is always the one that comes from your heart. Not out of the mind, who always wants to know everything better. (What do you do with know-it-alls - you teach them for the better - smile :-)


That was a joke!!!


(Smile at your mind and ignore him.)




1. Loving yourself the way you are - being the way you are, you are good and right!


If you know that, then you do not have the right to criticize others ... because if YOU ... are just as you are - just right, ..... then the other is the same - he is also just right! ..... All clear 




2. So if someone criticizes you, that means that he does unknown point 1 yet and therefore he cannot know it. So you're a big step ahead of him and can tell him that there is nothing to criticize.




3. Do you face a challenge - how to decide, or how to act now? Ask yourself - how would " the love" decide or act now? Trust me - the love is very, very wise and ALWAYS has the best advice.




4. If someone wants to persuade you to do something, thank him for his inspiring view and respectfully understand that you are not he / she and you have the right to your own opinion. Thus, there is no conflict and angry emotions, which then have to be cleaned again.





There are many, many more possibilities here - you will know, what ist the for yourself best, what feels good for you and is in harmony (for the good of) with your environment and your fellow human beings. If we have learned to live love, respect, mindfulness, free will, free thinking, equality, yes, then the energy of freedom and peace will spread all over the planet. And peace is not so boring as many may imagine - quite the contrary. The true peace, the all-encompassing peace is a feeling of bliss, and our soul desires happiness-feelings for every day, every hour, every minute.


 Now to the mandala:


This mandala serves as an energy carrier and is already programmed with the energies of the manifestation of the New World, power of action, peace and TEEAS the group (one for all and all for one). And Maris is watching over this mandala.




What you can do now with this Mandala is following:


You bring yourself into a sense of joy and ease - just have fun doing what you do now. If it's no fun, paint on later. And do not let anyone persuade you to. That's very, very important. Because a good healing energy is supposed to flow into this mandala. And through your you bring your personal salvific energy, with joy into this mandala.



It would also be nice if you could possibly paint the mandala in the garden or in nature and create wonderful thoughts. (Just like Peter Pan - who could fly with his wonderful thoughts :-))



You can also add additional patterns to the mandala. Do it the way you like it. In the most beautiful colors with the most beautiful thoughts and a lot, a lot of joy.



Maris mentioned crystals. Crystals have their own consciousness and always work for the highest good. That's why crystals are so helpful and supportive. You may also want to additionally draw these crystals into your mandala - like, that's up to you. You can also imagine them finding a place in your picture.



The crystals that are important for this:







The group

(ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL)


And if you want, you can also write "for SOL'A'VANA, Lady Shyenna in love and your name on the picture. Much like you do when you send someone a greeting card.




Lady Shyenna is the original name of the planet. Just like my original name "Shana" is. Most people still refer to Mother Earth as Lady Gaia, you've probably heard that many times before. Only the name of origin is much, much more powerful and brings our planet back to its original state. But that is only since a few years so that she have received their original sounds, the most people do not know that.


And more you Maris has explained.




If you want to bury the mandala in the garden or in nature, I ask you first to ask if you can dig a small hole. Either ask your parents or the owner of the garden, and also ask consciousness of the place in nature, and explain briefly what you whant to do.



To help Mother Earth - SOL'A'VANA you have painted a Earth Healing Mandala and are now giving it to the Earth.  Asking for permission to do so now for the sake of the Earth Soul.



It only needs a small hole, because you can fold your drawing so nice and small. Be careful when digging and injure no animals or other creatures. If it happens anyway, ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself, you did not do it on purpose.



Ask also the nature beings, the blue-white volk for support. And give them a little gift for it - a nice stone, or some honey or something that shines. Because they are of great importance to the New World.



Be careful, respectful and loving - that's how you want also to be treated, right? :-)




Well enough explanations and words. Now I just have a lot of fun to wish. And i will bring you a golden AN'ANASHA. And it would be nice if you could pass that on to your friends as well.



Thank you from heart








PS: I'm going to start a Facebook group called Earth Healing Mandala for SOL'A'VANA german Erdheilungs-Mandala-SOL'A'VANA and I'll invite you to take a picture from your mandala before you bury the mandala in the earth.


Or you send me the mandala on


Please post the picture with the name from your country....and if you want - your first given name. 


Here are also this Mandalas:

on Instagram: #earthhealingmandalasolavana


on Pinterest: Erdheilungs-Mandala-SOL'A'VANA

or Earthhealing-Mandala-SOL'A'VANA in english


and on my Website and on Shimaa-forum. :-)




Thank you for your being, for your help and support!




This is my first letter in this language. Please for your grace :-)
Together with GOOGLE, I did it in 4 Hours :-)
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